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pumps b2 picHow many psi in 1 bar? 

The answer is 14.5037738007.
We assume you are converting between pound/square inch and bar.






 Autodip Fuel tank monitoring


  • Automatically displays fuel tank levels on your office computer.
  • Alarms can be pre-set to alert you of high/low levels.
  • Helps prevent tank draining and fraud attempts.
  • Monitors fuel deliveries as well as everyday usage.
  • Eliminates the need for manual dipping to check fuel levels.
  • Alarms for high and low levels.Reports can highlight usage trends.

Auto Fuel dispensing - Petrol Attendant

  • Locks fuel pumps 24/7 until a valid ID tag is swiped.
  • Records all fuel dispensed electronically and eliminates manual data capture.
  • Identifies the driver and vehicle for every fuel transaction.
  • Helps you apply fuelling restrictions on your fleet which in turn reduce usage, theft, abuse and wastage.