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HYDRO FILLING STATIONWhat Life With a Hydrogen-Powered Car Is Really Like....



Current Fuel: Carbon Offset done - less CO2's
Our One stop fuel station is powered by natural energy resources
Offset grid-connected electricity through self use renewable energy.
Free Nitrogen tyre check when refuelling


Environmental Friendly Fueling
Cash Back Rewards and loyalty program
Relaxation at stop over and kids entertainment

Fleet Companies

Current Fuel - Carbon offset to zero
Fleet Management
Cash Back and loyalty program
Stop over and sleep
Free shower and locker facilities

Soulcare Food, Cafe, Pizza

Organic Pizza
Health Foods and pre-baked organic meals
Environmental friendly foods and no negative impact on the environment
Food and other product Recycling

Soulcare Retreats

Sleep over for all
Secure parking
Free Internet and other holiday bookings on site

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